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Deepika Padukone attracts everyone by her charming looks and acting talents. She seduces the youngsters by the dimples on her cheeks. She has acted in over 20 films and many of them were mega hits. She was praised for her talents in acting and has won many awards including Filmfare award. She won the Filmfare award in the best female debut category and a nomination too for the film Om Shanti Om. This is a musical film which she performed alongside Shahrukh Khan. In a dance in that film, more than 30 famous stars of Hindi film industry participated. This film is about life, death, reincarnation and revenge.


Deepika Padukone earned positive reviews for the film Bachna Ae Haseeno. She paired with Ranbir Kapoor in this movie and this strengthened the bond between them. They both were dating and this broke off after sometime. In this film, three women crosse the life of Ranbir Kapoor and one among them is Deepika in the name of Gayatri. The first lady is Mahi, a village girl who is full of sentiments. He pretends to love her but she overhears his conversation and comes to know of the truth. The second one is Radhika, a model from Mumbai. They both have live-in relationship. When Radhika wants to marry him, he escapes to Australia. There he meets an Indian girl named Gayatri who turns off his love making him feel the pain of love. He comes back to India to find Mahi married and Radhika doing fine in her career. Finally he is united with Gayatri.


Love Aaj Kal is one of her best movies released in 2009. Jai and Meera are married and they divorce for some reason but decide to be good friends. Their friend Vikram loves Meera but Jai opposes her marriage with him. Both of them go their own way and later on they understand that they still love each other. A very touching reunion marks the end of the film.


She paired with Mukesh in the film Lafangey Parindy. In this film, she portrayed the role of a skater with big dreams but unable to achieve them as the fate is against her. Due to Mukesh, she is into an accident and loses her eyesight. But still she participates in the show. Both of them fall in love with each other. Mukesh is taught to skate by her while he trains her to see through her blind vision. She performed her role as a blind girl perfectly getting the positive reviews of the film critics.


The comedy film Houseful made Deepika Padukone photos and Deepika Padukone videos famous. This film is all about a man who is always unlucky. His name is Aarush and a priest says him that his unluckiness will go away if he marries. So his friend gets him married to a rich girl. But that girl deserts him saying that she is in love with a foreigner. He is highly dejected and wants to commit suicide and at that time, he meets Sandy. They love each other but when Sandy comes to know that he is already married, leaves him. After a series of events, they are united in the end. Deepika Padukone performed the role of Sandy in this film and captivated the hearts of the youngsters.

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