Sleeping Disorder - An Increasing Problem


Sleep disorder

Internet is causing an increased trend in sleeping disorder in our country the use of internet has reached to the stage of addiction added by TV viewing. The problem of sleep disorder is not limited to big cities but spread allover in our country including villages where internet has made its reach through increasing service providers and cheaper gadgets available easily.

Sleeping disorder

People suffering from disorder of sleeping problems are increasing at a very fast rate due to addiction of different gadgets including TV and internet. Almost 30 to 40 % people who have access to internet use it up to as late as 2AM in the morning which is one of the major causes of primary sleep disorder in most people, TV coming at second place to take people into grip of sleepless nights.

There were different factors involved behind the disorder but to the surprise of experts attending them, most of these had no history of old disorders like depression, narcolepsy or insomnia considered classical basic reasons of sleeping disorder but various independent factors were involved. However, the experts found the reasons associated with narcolepsy in as little as less than 3% people only.

Common points about sleeplessness

There are certain common points, which cause sleepless nights –

1- In Asia alone there are almost 15% adult population suffering from insomnia or sleeping disorders of various kinds, which is major reason for increasing diabetes or obesity.

2- In India, the problem is increasing at comparatively faster rate than rest of the Asia and taking people into grip of different ailments.

3- The problem of sleeping disorder is a common problem but professionals are more prone to suffer from sleep disorders due to problems associated with their personal relations or job related tensions.

4- You shall be surprised but almost 30% people out of total patients are sleeping less, as they prefer to complete their work to sleep.

5- 5 to 15% people suffering from sleep disorders also suffer from snoring as well.

6- Even 5-10% children were found suffering from Obstructive Sleep Apnea.


I you want to stay away from dreaded sleep disorder problem, you must turn-down your TV and computer well before you are ready to sleep, better still keep your mobile away from reach on silent mode or switch it off if you can afford to do that.  

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