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Different ways to have fun in Singapore

Singapore is famous for its cruse center, perhaps best and biggest in south Asia for its facilities, which are almost as good as its Changi international airport. Changi airport is one of the busiest airports in the world, which caters to the needs of more than hundred airlines connecting to more than two hundred cities of sixty plus countries.

Back to original subject of cruse-liners the specialty of Singapore. Singapore takes care of big number of passengers in the world traveling by cruse-liners to different destinations for fun travelers. Some of the biggest cruse-liners having facilities of 5star hotels are operated from here to provide facilities to travelers from allover the world.

Culture and lifestyle

Singapore is a tiny country formerly known as Singhpura or country of lions is a cluster of sixty-three islands with English as official language but Chinese, Malay and Tamil are other languages spoken. Singapore being very high dense populated place because of shortage of land has high-rise buildings and most Singaporians live in high-rise apartment houses and despite being very rich have very few private cars due to restrictions imposed by government in form of heavy duties on car purchase. Most locals travel on foot, trains or taxis, which are easily available on comparatively reasonable rates.  

Natural parks and wildlife

Singapore is highly populated and big business center with high-rise buildings, heavy traffic and trading activities apart from being main hub of international trading but does not lack in natural beauty with different natural and man-made parks on its different islands. They have different theme parks, rainforests and wildlife parks with all natural resources available. In fact, there is a lot for nature lover in form of zoological parks, night safaris, bird-watching etc. Singapore offers lot of activities to its tourists, unique and full of joy.   

Singaporians love to shop and eat

Most Singaporians love to dine, wine and shop therefore you will never feel dull while in Singapore as there is no shortage of activities for a fun seeker. The city has some of the best fun parks with biggest joyrides to keep you and your family entertained. Singapore with its unique transportation system providing different package tours to travelers is an ideal place as your next family vacation.   

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