Sightseeing In Cochin And Mouthwatering Cuisine In Cochin Restaurants

Cochin or Kochi referred to as the Gateway to Kerala or 'God's Own Country' offers breathtaking scenes and has always been hailed as a world class port. Cochin with Western Ghats on the east and the Arabian Sea on the west, being near the equator boosts of its rich experience of a moderate climate. Having the privilege of being featured as '50 greatest places of a lifetime' featured in National Geographic Traveler, it is significant to note that Arabs, British, Chinese, Dutch, and Portuguese have left indelible marks on the history and development of Cochin. Cochin is situated in Ernakulam district in the state of Kerala, with Ernakulam also being the administrative capital of Ernakulam district, so it is customary that Cochin is also hailed as Ernakulam. Your enjoyment in sightseeing Cochin would be enhanced with dining in restaurants in Cochin.

A culinary trip to restaurants in Cochin with a wide and impressive assortment of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine would make it impossible to miss on their distinctive flavor and taste. You would enjoy the delicacies of Kerala with the rich flavor of coconuts, so do try out their 'pachadi', 'thoran' or 'kaalan'. Dining in Cochin restaurants gives the best chance to pamper your plate with their banana rich recipes. I have never missed on the pancakes namely Kallappams or Vellayappams that are traditional rice pancakes of Cochin.  It is important to note that being a port city, Cochin offers a variety of rich non-vegetarian cuisine’s that consists of seafood delights and dishes made of chicken, lamb and fish.  

Heading to Palms Restaurant, a restaurant of Cochin in Metropolitan Hotel to enjoy their Kerala Fish Curry, freshly prepared appams, payasam and a number of vegetable curries, and prawn chutney. Though thought to be expensive by some, their delicious and tasty Kerala food, the best is lunch buffet and their authentic and sumptuous local cuisine makes it worthy.  Pallava, also a multi-cuisine Cochin restaurant at the Metropolitan Hotel is the only restaurant in this hotel serving various delicacies to pamper your whims and fancies from spreads all over the world. You could also get to taste along list of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages at the bar in this hotel. 

Renaissance on MG Road has 2 restaurants, a bar and a coffee shop. The restaurants specialize in Continental, Chines and Thai food besides Indian dishes. A visit to their roof top specialty Cochin restaurant, The Black Pearl would give you the heightened experience of true authentic oriental cuisine and the enjoyment of a Live Western solo performance for all ages. The Pavilion, their 24-hour coffee shop serves the best choice of international cuisine sitting near a cascading waterfall. Rasaleela, the restaurant of Cochin in the Renaissance serves many Indian dishes sitting typical Kerala style of temple architecture with live Indian instrumental music. An elegantly cozy permit room, The Temple of Bacchus offers a wide range of fine liquors.

These are but a few of restaurants in Cochin. Cochin restaurants also feature many fast food eating joints like Pizza Hut, Chic King, Hot Breads et al. How did you enjoy you trip to the Gateway Of Kerala with restaurants of Cochin?  

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