Shri Pithu Ji Maharaj

Shri Pithu Ji

Shri Pithu ji or Shri sahib Ji Maharaj considered a saint who was born in a Vaish family in Dhansoli village of Alwar district in Rajasthan. Shri Pithu Ji was an intelligent boy who had a firm faith in God and used to talk about religious topics with his father and other villagers. His father was a hawker who used to sell domestic items carrying in a basket on his head. Pithu as a boy used to go with his father to learn business and discuss religious matters with him.

By the time, Pithu Ji reached the age of 20 his parents decided to marry him but he never found married life was for him. He was more interested in Godly affairs and although he continued his father’s business after his death but he never forgot to God even when he was busy dealing with his customers. As the time passed, his family extended but his faith in God increased as well. According to folklore, he often found help from God, whenever he found himself in trouble.

The goly powers

Shri Pithu Ji Maharaj sat for almost 52 years under a big Fig tree worshipping God where two other Sufi saints Baba Laldas and Gazi Gajan Das met him to test his knowledge. They found Pithu Ji very knowledgeable and were impressed with his sub human powers. These two Sufi saints helped Pithu Ji construct a residence and temple. The Trio of Pithu Ji, Laldas and Gazi Gajan Das is a popular figure in this area especially Pithu Ji popularly known as Sahib Ji.

Both Hindus and Muslims have their faith in Shri Sahib Ji and come to worship him with offer of Prasadam. The temple of Pithu Ji always remains full of devotees with regular chanting of religious songs and Yajna process going on. The community meals provided by temple management to the devotees who come there from far flanged areas. According to popular belief, thousands of people from different places coming here with true faith in him and ask for his help, his or her wishes in most cases are fulfilled immediately. Shri Pithu Ji Maharaj is a popular name in Rajasthan as a saint whom people worship for his godly powers.       

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Suny thinks, Pithu Ji has a big number of followers from both communities.  

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