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Santa and Banta

In form of Santa and Banta, we have two famous funny characters that we can use for every occasion or for any example. We can express ourselves about any thing through these two easily without hearting anybody’s feelings. Suppose you want to share a joke about friend use these two characters without hesitation, no one would mind even you intended pun. 


Mostly displayed as fools these two are very witty while dealing with each other their way of sorting out matters is unique. For instance, they met a group of thugs on their way to picnic spot and as soon as Banta recognized their intentions, he took his wallet out and paid Santa an amount of Rs15000/ saying here is your money I owe you for long time. 


Santa and Banta wanted to buy new fans as the summer has already arrived and mercury touching newer heights every day. Santa was first to ask shopkeeper for female electric fans for himself but Banta wanted male fans. Shopkeeper was so confused, listening to their demands that he almost took them for mad, said there is nothing like male and female in electric fans. Santa got furious and retorted back – If you do not have such fans refuse straight away but no need to make excuses. We have Bajaj fans and Usha fans as you should be aware Bajaj is male and Usha is female. Banta said – have you ever heard of Compton and Greaves both of these are males and famous fans. So close your shop if you cannot fulfill the demands of your customers. 

Find them on Internet

If you are willing to know more about these two imaginary characters who make you laugh with hundred of thousands funny incidents they go through every day, go search the net, just putting Santa Banta in search bar. People create lot of jokes every day based on these two innocent people to make their jokes look closer to life. Even you can start your own jokes adding these two to make your jokes instant success and the best part is that acceptability of these two as fools is universal, without any doubt. 

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Suny has created some of his own Santa - Banta jokes.

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