Sankarankovil By-election And Kudankulam Project - An Overview


If there are two magical words that were daunting the people of Tamil Nadu for the past two months, they are Sankarankovil and Kudankulam. The Chief Minister J. Jayalalitha was keeping mum for a very long time in the Kudankulam issue. Some people said it was because she was supporting Udaikumar who has been fighting against the project. The meeting of Udaikumar and his team with the chief minister added fuel to fire. Some others thought that Kudankulam project reopening will create a sudden positive stir among the people of Tamil Nadu and it will make the people of Sankarankovil to cast their votes to AIADMK. Both these ideas proved to be false.


It is the fate of Tamil Nadu that only ruling power would win in any by-election. After tasting 5 victories in that constituency, AIADMK was confident of its success. But it did not think that the victory will be so huge to the level of making other opposing parties lose their deposit. DMK and DMDK placed the recent power cuts in the forefront in their election campaign. But DMDK leader Vijayakanth openly said that the gain in the election is not going to benefit DMDK in any way. In the main election of Sankarankovil in 2011, DMK got 61,000 votes but now it is only 26,000. A reduction of 35,000 votes in just six months’ time would not mean the hatred of people towards M. Karunanidhi but it means that the expectation of people towards the ruling party has increased a lot.


The Tamil Nadu chief minister did not give even a single positive signal for Kudankulam project before the election. As soon as the results are announced, she has ordered for the reopening of the project and ordered arresting the opponents if anything bad happens. Udaikumar and his team are indeed shocked to hear this. He is claiming to go on hunger strike but the 144 act is a real shock to these people. Sankarankovil is situated just 150 kilometers away from Kudankulam. Any problem in Kudankulam will affect the election and its result. ADMK did not want any hindrance to the election and wanted it to take place peacefully, the reason why the chief minister was silent.


Now, the atomic power station is opened and the Russian scientists were back to work. Is the problem over now? Does the Tamil Nadu power crisis coming to an end? Though we hope for the best, all the power to be generated is not the property of Tamil Nadu. According to the power sharing rules of the central government, the power generated has to be shared among the other states.


The process of building another circuit along with the existing 220 KV line from Kudankulam to Madakkathara has been started already to transport power from Kudankulam to Kerala. Kerala government is facing opposition to this project as the line would pass through the cultivated crops and the rubber trees in Kottayam and Pathanamthitta district. According to the transmission scheme, the power would be brought to Thrissur through a new substation at Kakkanad. Like that of Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra too is facing agitation against the 10,000 MW Jaitapur nuclear power plant. The central government has announced its schemes to increase the nuclear power generation to 63,000 MW by 2032.


There are two units in Kudankulam each expected to produce 1000 MW of electricity. The establishment of Russian VVER-1000 series reactor is 99.2 percent complete and the other unit is 94.6 percent complete. The first unit is expected to start its functioning in June. But the problem will remain until the second unit starts its production. So, this summer is going to be another tough one for the people of Tamil Nadu with regular power cuts.  

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