Sandy Hurricane Vs Nilam Cyclone


Though calm after the storm prevails after hurricane Sandy and cylone Nilam, it will take a long way for the victims to be back to the normal condition. It is just news for people of other areas, but it is the life for those who are affected by both of them. Whether it is India or US or Canada, people have to bow before these natural disasters.


Sandy was predicted to hit the areas between Washington and Boston and the people who have witnessed it said that they had never seen anything like that ever before in their life. Thousands of people of lowlands were evacuated as a part of the precautionary measures. Alerts were given and food, fuel and water were procured in advance anticipating the calamity. But still people were unable to withstand the aftermath effects of Sandy.


The fierce, powerful winds, torrential rains, high waves, landslides, floods, power outages and other destructive effects were widely seen. This tropical cyclone has a low pressure center that is surrounded by the spiral arrangement of thunderstorms. The different heat mechanisms and the condensation of water vapor in the moist air add fuel to that. The main reason for its occurrence could be said as global warming.


When they occur in North Atlantic Ocean, they are called Hurricanes, if they are formed in Indian Ocean, they are known and Cyclones and those that are formed in Pacific Ocean are termed as Typhoons. The wind speed exceeds 74 miles per hour or even more in these cases and is usually noted in spiral direction with a relatively calm middle area known as The Eye which might spread over 20 to 30 miles.


If the wind speed is between 74 and 95 mph there will be no real damage to buildings but if it exceeds that limit that will cause considerable damage to the roofing materials, doors and windows. The waves rise higher than usual as much as three meters high and they could be seen coming inland.


Nilam cyclone hit Tamil Nadu near Mahabalipuram and proceeded towards Andhra Pradesh. The districts of Chennai, Kancheepuram, Cuddalore and Villupuram were affected by heavy rains and flooding in lowlands. A ship and many boats were capsized; more than 5000 electric posts were uprooted leaving a lot more than 100 villages without power and hectares of fertile lands under water. The fallen trees obstruct transport and slow down the restoration works.


As the Nilam punched the southeastern coast of India, the winds of speed up to 60 miles per hour were seen. As a precautionary measure, more than 100,000 residents of the vulnerable areas were evacuated to safer zones and the fishermen were advised not to venture into the sea. Heavy rains and flash flooding were seen in the Rayalaseema and Telanganga areas of Andhra Pradesh. More than 200 boats ran aground due to strong winds.


Though both these storms slammed their respective areas, the destructive effects differ greatly. 98 people were reported to be killed by Sandy in US and among them the maximum number of death occurred in New Jersey which is 14. The telephones and internet went out of reach and the long power outages caused many practical difficulties. Though food, water and fuel were stored in advance to meet the situation, with a temperature of 40 to 45 degree Fahrenheit, living without the heating system was really a tough thing. As only few gas stations functioned, long line of vehicles was seen for fueling. The falling of the trees over the electric lines had resulted in long power outages. The restoration would need its time as the fallen trees have to be removed first. The schools remain closed and Halloween celebration has been postponed as effects of Sandy.


In India, the normal life of people was hindered due to the effects of Nilam and the schools remained closed for three days. Nearly 15 people were reported to be dead in Tamil Nadu and 4 in Andhra Pradesh and many villages were inundated by floodwater and more than 1000 houses were damaged. People of coastal regions remain hungry without food and lost access to clean drinking water.


Both in the coastal US and southeast India, the restoration works are going on. In US we can predict how fast they will be but in India, still the destruction caused by Thane cyclone a year back is widely seen and the normal life is not restored fully and so we could guess the speed of the works. However, the fact is what appears to be a sad calamity of today will turn the legend of tomorrow.

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