Sachin Tendulkar Who Enslaved The Game Of Cricket


When Sachin Tendulkar was practicing on nets as a young boy, no one would have dreamt that this little lad is going to rule the world of cricket one day. He started his career as a fast bowler from the Indian state of Maharashtra. When he was at school, his coach gave him strenuous practice at nets with a small bait of one rupee coin which he placed on the stumps. If he was exhausted or if he was bowled the bowler will take the coin or else he was allowed to go home with the small motivation of one rupee. He withstood those days and in one of the inter school matches he was able to get a score of 664 runs partnering with his teammate Vinod Kambli.


Whether it is one day match or test match, he does not fail to affix his stamp there. He is the leading scorer in both these categories. He had an important role in the India’s winning of the World Cup in 2011. If not for his hard and relentless works this would not have been possible. His flawless shots to great heights are what had taken him to great heights indeed. Though he is a man of strong will power, he collapsed before the audience and broke into tears when he heard the news of the death of Satya Sai Baba, as he was one of his ardent fans and worshippers.


His performance and talents as an all rounder gave him the position of the captain of the Indian cricket team, a real honor. However, he could not perform well due to additional responsibilities and it affected his turnaround in the field. So, though captainship was shifted to the next leading player in the team, he remains a captain and a hero in the hearts of the millions.


He had to stay away from the field a little while due to tennis elbow. The resultant surgery and rehabilitation for a long period of time kept him away from international matches for sometimes. But soon he gained his strength and tasted the highest score in the test matches in the world history. He has been the one player who was dismissed as much as 23 times after reaching 90 runs before scoring the century. Another feather on his crown is that he is the first Indian batsman to cross the 10,000 run mark.


With many firsts in his career, he is the highest record holders in the game of cricket. But for his sheer excellence this would not have become possible. The Sachin Tendulkar photos and Sachin Tendulkar videos are the inspiration to the younger generation having an interest in cricket. He is also the brand ambassador of many famous brands and appears in many television commercials. He used his inborn talents to rise to the heights which not anyone in his place would have achieved easily.

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