Rented House Should Not Be A Problem


If you think that a rented house does not need your attention to make it look beautiful, you are perhaps mistaken as you can decorate it easily because we all live in rented houses due to different reasons. Your house shows your personality, rented or owned makes no difference.

Paint of your own choice in rented house

Most of us live in rented houses for different reasons but that should not stop you from having the walls of your house according to your own taste or choice. You can do it by asking your landlord to have them painted in color of your choice before shifting into the house or ask your landlord for his permission to it on your own.

Most property owners charge 10% amount of security deposit toward maintenance charges where they keep a security of one year at the beginning. In case of a security free house, owners demand an extra rent of one month while you vacate their house. Either way you have to wear the cost of maintenance so why not go for your own color choice for the place where you have to stay for months or years.

Try out wallpapers

If you are not interested to go for painting job once you have shifted into your rented house and not willing to take the pains of doing extra exercise of painting etc, go for wallpapers which is as attractive and easier comparative to going for painting process. You can change the wallpapers as often as you wish to keep your house looking new every time and at lesser cost  

Your bedroom

Your bedroom is the place where you spend half of your life therefore keeping it beautifully decorated increase your interest in your life. Bed is one of the most crucial items in your bedroom, which should have prime importance. A beautiful bed sheet, pillow covers and cushions would change the whole look of your bedroom and if you have a matching dressing table that will be added attraction.

Your photos would make a big difference

You know there is nothing better artwork for rented house than your own family photos, if you fix photos on the walls or photo frames of your family members that would give an entire new look to your walls. Collages with nice text may give your walls a great look. 

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