Reason For The Occurrence Of Pimples In Winter Season


The pimples on the beautiful face look very bad. People follow the many tips to protect your skin from pimple problem and if occurred then cure them. Every boy and girl wants their face should be beautiful without any marks. But if pimples occur then they worry a lot. Most of the people feel that oily skin and due the heat pimples occurred. These kinds of problems are mostly seen during the winter season. There is a chance of occurrence of pimples in winter. So let us know the special reasons which cause pimples problem in winter season.


1. More usage of cold cream. Due to the usage of cold cream which is thick in the form will darken the cells where pimples and its spots effected. Most of the skin will be in dry in winter season. Due to applying of cold cream, the moisture inside the skin will not come out. Therefore, skin looks dark. Hence our face looks ugly.


2. Thick cold cream Cold cream moisturizes the skin which was dry due to winter. Due to the usage of the thick cold cream the skin pores gets closed and skin looks dark. So it is suggested to apply body lotion which is light or face lotion as they help in curing pimples and its spots.


3. No sweat and no cleaning Sweat is a reason for pimples. Sweating is good for the health of body and skin. Due to sweating, the dust and dirt which is present in the skin pores will come out. But in winter we do not gets more sweat. These toxins are the reasons for the occurrence of pimples.


4. Not using sunscreen It may me any season, when the sun rays fall on our skin then skin problem starts. The skins becoming red and itching are caused due sun rays. Though it is winter season, it is suggested to apply sunscreen half an hour before. Though the sun-rays winter may not be much hotter but the ultraviolet rays in them may affect our skin and cause skin problems. So sunscreen lotion is very important.

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