Reason Behind Hindus Shaving Off Their Head


In Hindu religion there are a lot of traditions…Hindu’s will shave off their head at their important times like marriage and Upanayana(ceremony performed to begin the formal education )….In Hindu religion from the birth several customs will be followed. These traditions and customs hold major part in Hindu religion. People will follow these traditions to be free from the birth cycle (called as Moksha in Sanskrit).

Shaving off their head is one of the most important customs following by Hindus from ancient ages. It’s customary that they have to shave off their head and offer it to god when they visit the sacred pilgrims like Tirupati, Varanasi etc. By doing this offering they will feel that they’ve left their ego at the Gods presence and they will feel proud to do it. And even they do this offering when they ask for a wish to god, to keep their pledge they will offer their hair.

Hindus will believe in the concept of Birth-Rebirth. They believe that on the occasion of First head shave of their children; the children will be relieved from the relations of their previous Births (poorva Janma). So as per their tradition if they shave their head it’s a start of new life for him/her. So because of this it’s one of the important traditions.

Another reason is Hair is a symbol of Pride and Ego. So they will offer the complete hair to the god. So to leave their pride and ego they will go to god. Apart from that as a token of gratitude people will offer their hair to God. As a person wish something to god and if it happens as a thanksgiving thing Hindus will shave off their complete hair by visiting the sacred pilgrims. We can see this tradition popular in the temples of Tirupati and Varanasi.

So, Shaving off the head is an important tradition in Hindu religion. Because of these beliefs, it became a custom in Hindu religion to shave of their head in presence of the god and this tradition is followed from very ancient ages. This indicates the loyalty and as well as the complete surrendering to the God.

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