Rats As Trained Soldiers To Handle Landmines

Rats to defuse landmines

Landmines a common problem the world over has a new weapon against it, the rats. The fact is that landmine is not a problem in India only but almost every country in world is facing its effects as it is being used in different countries where terrorists are active. The good news is that they are trying to train rats to sense and deactivate these mines. Initially a Non Governmental Organization- Apopo has come forward to fight with this problem with its trained rats called ‘Hero Mice’


The brave rats and Mozambique experience

These rats were first used in Mozambique on experimental basis although local officers found them ‘funny’ as they thought that this small creature might not be doing this job effectively and more so as the locals use rats as one of the delicacies for their favorite dishes. One of the officers even said jokingly that if the rats failed, they would be saved from cooking the rats, as the rats would be ready to eat while the mines blasted. However, the officer had to eat his words back as rats did their job satisfactorily.  


Better than mine detecting dogs

The rats, little bigger than ordinary rats with soft hair, do their job with perfection and understand their trainer without any problem. The plus point with these rats are that these rats are not as effective as the dogs they had been using until now but cost too little in comparison. These trained rats have been officially given the name ‘Mine detection rats’ 


Apopo the mines buster NGO

The NGO Apopo, who has trained these rats for mine busting purpose has been working on dangerous mines in different countries especially the ones, with history of activities of terrorism where old mines containing explosives exist for a long time. People suffer from explosions when someone walks on these by mistake or a vehicle run over these. Even in our country thousands of people have died or lost their limbs in border areas where enemy or terrorists set land mines to trap Indian soldiers or local villagers. I wish we could also train such rats in our country to avoid loss of our brave soldiers or citizens.  

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