Rahul Gandhi And Controversies About His Life


Rahul Gandhi is the prestigious heir of Nehru-Gandhi family, son of Rajiv Gandhi and grandson of Indira Gandhi. As his father Rajiv, grandmother Indira and great grandfather Jawaharlal Nehru were all the former prime ministers of India, this fourth generation guy is also expected to become one by the Congress politicians. He was too young to turn up to the politics when his father died in 1991. He was just 21 at that time and as he had commented in one of his interviews, he did not have anything to offer at that young age.


Sonia Gandhi, his mother and the President of Indian National Congress always wanted to stay away from politics. She and her husbands were far from any political activities until the death of her brother-in-law Sanjay Gandhi. After the assassination of Rajiv, everyone expected Sonia to take part in the political activities. However, she stayed aloof until 1997. Perhaps she did not want to enter into public life for the fear of the political enemies. The unexpected murders of her husband and her mother-in-law would have been a shock to her that made her and her son stay away from public life.


Rahul Gandhi marked his entry into politics in 2004 at his age of 34. He could get a massive victory in the Amethi constituency with a difference of 4, 00, 000 votes. Amethi had always been the favorite of his father and there was no wonder in his victory in that constituency. From then on, he along with his sister Priyanka conducts campaigns in election times. Rahul is however not as attractive as his sister Priyanka who is considered to have a resemblance of her grandmother Indira.


Rahul had to face many controversies in his public and private life. Though he is claimed to have completed his M.Phil degree from Trinity College in London, the big question is how this is possible without completing the master’s degree. He often had to change colleges for various reasons including the security reasons. He studied at St. Stephen’s College but after one year of education moved to Harvard University and then to Rollins College. It is said that he studied hiding his real identity in the name of Raul Vinci.


There is another big question why he remains unmarried even after the age of 42. Many of his family members committed love marriage including his grandmother Indira, parents and sister. Both his father and his grandmother had to struggle to get the acceptance of their respective parents for their marriage. In the similar lines, he is also said to love a girl and waiting for the acceptance of Sonia, the girl named Juanita, a Colombian. However, he had said in an interview that his girl friend was a Spanish and that her name was not Juanita but Veronique. He had spent his days with Veronique and his sister’s family in the backwaters of Kerala.


Rahul Gandhi is said to make stunts through his visits to Dalit villages. He often stays with them and share meals with them. Rahul Gandhi photos and Rahul Gandhi videos of his stays with Dalits are indeed becoming famous these days. He is expected to become the prime minister of India one day or the other and the Congress politicians are eagerly waiting for that day.

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