Presentation In Public Is An Art


How to speak in public

I have done lot of work on presentations during my carrier as a marketing professional. I have also attended number of seminars and dealers/customers meet as guest. Public speaking is one of the most important skills a good marketing or public figure must posses to be successful in his carrier because it is an integral part of the art of communication. You can tell them about your ideas and convince them with your concepts in a better way.  

Most people who are not in public dealing find it tough to address a gathering but it is not an impossible job and one can do it with practice and little bit of courage. Do not feel shy if you are not experienced enough or still young, your sole quality depends on the knowledge of the topic you are willing to share with your audience. If you have confidence in yourself and now about your topic well there is no reason you should fail in your presentation. In addition, it is going to be a big plus point for your future as a professional.

As a fresher

I know if you were to address a big gathering in the beginning of your carrier, you might find it uncomfortable and shaky in your legs but once you are through that horrifying experience you will be relaxed next time or maybe waiting for your turn. I can relate with this experience because I made the mess of my first seminar while my regional manager asked me to come on stage and address the people present. And to my horror, I could not do it with ease and to the people whom I used to meet almost every week. But meeting people in their own offices and to address them in big gatherings is altogether a different experience. One can overcome this feeling only by experience and practice.

How to do it successfully

You know what! While you stand to address a public meeting for the first time you think about humiliation, embarrassment and what not also you do not know the reaction of people whom you are about to address. To make your presentation impressive and interesting you must know about the mental standard of your audience and their expectations. You must emphasize on your topic without deviating much unless someone in the audience wants to ask you a particular point specifically. You should have trust in yourself and think that you know about the topic, better than others do, or at least you are there to convince them.   

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Suny says - learn art of presentaion for better carrier.

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