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Thrissur is the cultural capital of Kerala and it is most popular for elephant festival at Vadakkumnatha temple known as Thrissur Pooram. As the name suggests, this Pooram belongs to Thrissur town and is conducted as Thekkumkad Maidan of Vadakkumnatha temple. Pooram is one among the 27 stars of Hindu astrology and Thrissur pooram is celebrated on Pooram star of hot medam month. Thrissur pooram is considered to be the grand of all temple festivals of Kerala where more than 100 elephants of two groups march towards Vadakkumnath Siva temple of town’s heart and celebrate the occasion in fun and enjoyment.


Though this elephant festival is conducted before Vadakkumnatha Siva temple, this temple doesn’t participate in the festival. Instead two groups consisting of 5 temples each conduct this pooram in the temple ground. It’s the occasion during which goddesses of Paramekkavu Bhagavathi  temple and Thiruvambady Krishna temple praise Vadakkumnathan. Once the festival is completed, they part each other with some rituals performed, known as Pakal Pooram and Vida Vangal.


It’s tough competition between these two sections. Elephants from each group will stand face to face, decorated with nettipattam, alavattam and vanchamaran. A few more accessories are also there and these beautifully decorated elephants will be accompanied by two mahouts and their groups. The elephants will stand the whole day and Panchavadyam, an orchestra using 5 traditional instruments – Kombu, ilathalam, thimila, maddhalam and idakka will be played. The whole crowd dances with the rigour movements of panchavadyam and the whole atmosphere will be filled with fun and celebrations. A massive crowd of men, children and women will witness the festivals. You can also see foreigners among the group. No doubt, it’s the grand of all temple celebrations of Kerala where one gets the opportunity to see more than 100 well decorated elephants at that time.


Highlight of the celebration is Kudamattam – Changing umbrellas where each group displays colorful umbrellas to compete with one another. More than 50 types of umbrellas will be displayed during Kudamattam and it’s the most beautiful segment of Thrissur pooram. It lasts till late night and ends with colourful  fireworks displayed by both ends – Thiruvambadi and Param

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I witnessed this great festival this year and last year

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