Poly House- The Modern Agricultural Technology

India and Farmers

India is considered an Agriculture based country where almost 70% people directly or indirectly depend on farming sector for their livelihood. The uncertainties of weather conditions have become a deep concern for farmers all over the world but especially in India where the weather is playing a strange role this year. Most farmers have started believe that farming is no more a profession which can provide them a constant income. 

Ray of Hope

While most of the farmers are disappointed with the present weather conditions and planning to go for alternate occupations Himanshu Tyagi from Najibabad, Bhaguwala Mandawali , of Harveli village in District Bijnor of Uttar Pradesh State has resigned his job a few months before. He has planned to enter into agriculture sector on a mass scale with modern Poly House technology. Initially he has started with 10 Bigha land and has plans to extend it up to 50 Bigha in near Future.

Himanshu Tyagi

Himanshu Tyagi completed his MBA from a Bangalore institute in 2005 and was working as marketing head until a few months before. He was getting a package of Rs. 12 lacks per annum but he wanted to do something different in his life. He is from a farmers’ background with almost 250 Bighas of agricultural land cultivated by his family members. He initially thought that he will enter into a side business of agriculture but once he entered into the sector and invested a heavy amount he decided to make it a full time job.

The Project

His project is under the stage where he is getting his Poly Houses constructed. The best part of the project is that National Horticulture Board has agreed to subsidize the project by 50%. The total estimated cost of the initial project at 10 Bigha of land is estimated at around Rs 90 Lacks to Rs 1 Crore out of which the NHB will spend Rs. 40-50 lacks. The estimate includes manufacturing of Poly Houses and the production of first produce. Himanshu is very much hopeful that his project will show a new way to the farmers of the area. Besides, reduced adverse impact of weather on produce the chances of growing out of season vegetables, fruits and flowers has an added advantage of Poly House technology.

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