Pollution- A Major Problem

Increased Pollution 
Until a few years before some parts of our country were prohibited for tourism. Most of you might know that places like Lakshadweep, Ladakh, Andman & Nikobar, parts of North East and certain bordering states were not allowed without a limited duration permit for outsiders/tourists. But the way businessmen have taken undue advantage of the areas the pollution levels have gone up drastically in almost all these places. 

The uncontrollable situation
The Lakshadweep, Andman & Nikobar and Hills of North East are no more enjoying the same environmental advantage which these areas were having before open for general tourists. The way encroachment is increasing at the beaches of Puri, Pondicherry, All beaches in Tamil Nadu including Chennai and Kanyakumari, Vizag, all beaches in Kerala including Kovalam and Goa one feels the situation will be uncontrollable in couple of decades from now. 

The Problems
One of the steps that has worsen the situation is perhaps the permission for construction 200 meters from beaches which was 500 meters earlier and temporary construction within 20-30 meters along with unauthorized vendors setting up their business at the beaches with no restriction by the local law enforcement authorities. 
Here is an example, the famous Bangaram Island Lakshadweep is associated with a famous hotel group and to reach to Bangaram Island one has to go to Kavaratti and Agatti Islands and ever since the Islands have been opened for tourism the atmosphere of these tiny Islands has been polluted far beyond permissive level affecting the life of Ocean habitation.  

The Reasons- The number of traffic of tourists has increased the number of trips of cargo and passenger ships and airplanes for various purposes including bringing consumer products to Lakshadweep Island because there is no produce in Island except coconut  and papaya. These multiple trips of ships and no proper waste management is the main cause of increased pollution in this particular area.

The situation in coastal states is decreasing due to encroachment and no action on complaints against coastal regulation zone has increased the illegal activities of influential hotel and restaurant owners. The worst part of the story is that all waste including sewage coming from all nearby buildings is dumped in the sea.      

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