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There is a group called P3PA in Facebook. The full form of P3PA is Planet 3 Protection Alliance. The main aim of this group is to protect our planet and our planet is 3rd place in planets. So the group is named as P3PA.

Origin of this group:

From our childhood Most of us seen people cutting trees, dried lakes and increased pollution. So few students had a discussion about these and different areas which are filled with dirt and bad environment. Then they decided to do something and bring change in those places. Then in 2009, these students created a group and posted a feed “Let us move hand to hand. If anyone interested please contact”. Immediately they got 23 responses for their feed from 23 members. Therefore, 23 members have joined this P3PA group.P3PA group program in 3 districts of Andhra Pradesh:

First they went to the places which are at the end of the city Hyderabad and then they started making people aware of cleanliness. Then they have explained people, by removing rubbing around us we can avoid health problems and skin problems. The P3PA group people also involved in cleaning rubbish with people who are cleaning. They even made people aware not to throw rubbish at barren lands, government lands and parks. Making alterations, fixing fans, planting fans are done by these P3PA group students in their holidays. But when these students complain about the problems of the people to the government earlier and there is  no use at all. With in a year, the members of this P3PA group have crossed 2000.  When they conduct any social program for the wellfair of the people, then the participants of members have reached to 400 to 500. Therefore, P3PA group got government recognization. With the help of the Hyderabad municipal corpoeration, these group people have planted 15000 plants in 10 parks at athapoor. 2000 people have participated in this planting program and they have worked for 2 weeks. So with a lot of anxiety P3PA members have even planted plants in different places at Hyderabad. The responsibility of those plants are given to the valanteers P3PA group who stay near to those areas.

Members reached to 9000:

These members use to make people aware by going to the colleges and they used to explain not to use plastic bags and use joot bags, use Ganesh statue made of clay, try to use natural colors while celebrating holy festival. You may get many doubts about P3PA groups programs. So let us know about them. 6 members of different department experts will be advicing these P3PA group people. When these members of the P3PA group descide a program then they mention all the details of it in Facebook. According to the number of sponsers, the members of the P3PA group also donate some money from their pocket. 

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