Overreacting Is Not Helpful For A Career


Change yourself to succeed in career

I started with the idea when I found that being a cleanliness freak was giving me lot of trouble. I was unable to cope up with slightest of dust particles in my living area and office, I wanted everything clean, and dust free. I used to put extra pressure on my wife and office attendant to keep everything shining which made them uncomfortable.

I knew my wife and office attendant tried their best to keep as much cleanliness as possible. I then decided to lower my own expectation to reduce level of stresses it was causing to all of us. I know we cannot change certain things related to us so it is better to change ourselves. This helped me change my attitude and I found my stresses were gone as well. Once you are relieved of your stresses you have better chances to succeed in life and your career.

There is no fun in over expectation

What I feel that it is very easy to ask others to change but it is not that easy. You know this is like changing your parents, your children or even your own boss. We face disappointment if we try to change others however, the best strategy is to change ourselves, especially if it makes us happy and help us keep better relations with others. It is no good keep fighting with others and keeping ourselves stressed forever. Going for compromises sometimes helps keep you happy and stress free especially, if you have nothing to loose. I applied this rule in my life, when I found that I was unable to change others according to my plans.


There is very thin line in between people who like to keep things clean and those who are mentally sick and repeatedly keep cleaning or doing same things because they are not sure about themselves. This is a complex problem, which does not go easily without friends, and relatives helping them recover constantly. Also, people who keep repeating the same mistakes and feel irritated if someone points it out to them come into the same category. They do not want to mend their ways.

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