Online Study Content For CBSE Classes I & II Launched By Meritnation

Now help your child understand concepts in Maths such as place value, number line, fractions etc. through innovative ways and watch your child learn as he/she joyfully discovers more about the human body, living & non-living things and more in EVS with Meritnation. has recently launched online study content for Maths and EVS for classes 1 & 2. So the next time you are struggling for ideas to make Maths & EVS concepts easy for your child, you know where to log on to!

Meritnation’s Online Course for Maths and EVS for classes I & II includes multimedia study material with voice-overs, videos, animations etc., chapter-wise activities in fun formats that help learn through games & lots more. Meritnation’s Online Course also includes printable worksheets and interactive tests for every chapter along with full-course model tests to help students prepare thoroughly for exams.

So subscribe to Online Course now and watch your child enjoy his studies as he/she yearns to discover more, day after day with Meritnation.


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