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Naushad Ali

The one and only musician who has the credit to make the career of great singers from Mohammad Rafi, Surraiya and Lata Mangeshkar and bringing a singer like Kundan Lal Saigal to recording studio without drinking alcohol, Naushad was born on December the 25th 1919. His full name was Naushad Ali Wahid Ali Munshi, Munshi because his father was an Assistant (Munshi) of a lawyer in the court of Lucknow.

Naushad Ali created a history in musical world of Indian cinema by creating wonderful tunes having a mixture of folk and classic, which popularized instantly in the Indian music lovers. Naushad Ali was not educated in the formal way but he learned to play piano and harmonium in the repairing shop of his maternal uncle where he was supposed to repair them. He learned music from Ustad Gurbat Ali, Yusuf Ali and Babban Khan formerly and later started his own music school and a theater group. He came to Mumbai at the age of 19 to try his luck in Bollywood.

His success story

He started as a small timer in Mumbai but soon became an assistant director of Khemchand Prkash, a well-known music director. Prem Nagar was his first movie as a full-fledged music director, but he became popular once Sharda was released and was counted among the top class music directors from here on. In 1944, one of her movies, Ratan became a big hit that made him very popular. His golden period started with the release of Ratan. He gave many hits after that including Anmol Ghari, Mela, Dulari, Andaz, Dillagi, Baizoo Bawra, Aan, Amar, Mugle-E-Azam, Kohinoor, Ganga-Jamuna, Mere Mehboob, Leader, Dil Diya Dard Liya, etc. with all the songs of these films are still popular with music lovers 

Naushad was a true music lover who believed in simplicity, good lyrics and Indian classical with mixture of folk. He also preferred simple and balanced living style for himself and family. He had the honor of having the highest number of musical awards. He lived a peaceful and healthy life before he departed for his final journey on fifth may 2006.  

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