One Afternoon At The Besent Nagar Beach

Beaches fascinate young and old alike.  It is a pleasure to spend time at the beach.  Summer holidays never get a fulfilling enjoyment but for a visit to the beach.  For people who reside in a city or a town surrounded by beaches, visiting beach becomes a part of their holiday. 


We went to attend a conference in Chennai.  It was a conference held by the British Council and ELTAI for the English Teachers from different parts of India.  The conference was such an eye-opener in teaching of English as a Second Language.  We learned and explored different methods of effective teaching of English in the ESL atmosphere.  Though it was a two day conference, the days were packed with programs that we had to spend each and every minute in learning and equipping ourselves. 


I needed a break after these two days, as it was hectic.  We went to the Besant Nagar Beach.  I wanted to go to the Marina Beach, because I was always fond of it.  As we lived in Erode, I do not get to visit a beach often.  I thought Besant Nagar beach may not be as good as the Marina.


The other name of Besant Nagar Beach is Elliot’s Beach.  It is the end-point of the Marina Beach shore.  It is named after Edward Elliot, the Governor of Madras during the colonial period.  It has become popular among the college students and families, who visit during the evenings especially during summer.


As we went to the beach around 10.30 am, it wasn’t very crowded.  Yet there were tourists and college students hanging out and playing in the beach.  I always run into the waters when I go to a river or a sea.  It is a wonder this passion never faded with age.  I as usual, started soaking my feet in the waves, which were not very fierce as in Marina Beach.  There were some college girls near me.  They were also very eager to go a little farther into the sea.  They saw me moving inch by inch into the sea.  They waved their hands and joined me.  We started playing in the water.


As we were playing, we did not notice that we have advanced well into the water.  Some fishermen warned us.  We realised our mistake and we returned to the shore. That was a wonderful experience in the Besant Nagar Beach.  I don’t think in any other beach this would have been possible. 


Elliot’s Beach is one among the cleanest beaches in Chennai.  Its calm and tranquillity are noteworthy.  It is not buzzing with activities which make it ideal for long walks.  Hence it is  preferred by tourists and locals equally.

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