Onam Celebrations Of Thiruvananthapuram City


Onam – the state festival of Kerala is celebrated in a grand way in the capital city of Kerala. People belonging to each part of Kerala celebrate Onam in their own way. Boat races are common in Alapuzha and places of lakes. Thrissur people celebrate Onam through Kaduvakali – where people disguise themselves as tigers and leopards painting their whole body. As Ananthapuri is the capital city, grand celebrations are organized here and inaugurated by chief minister of Kerala. One week celebration known as “Tourism Vaarakhosham” ends with the grand procession from Kavadiyar to East Fort.


All the main roads from Kavadiyar to East Fort will be decorated by colourful lights and stays so, for 10 days till the end of Onam celebrations. The main attraction is of course, Kanakakunnu Palace which was once the recreation palace of Kings of Travancore. Children’s park, stage shows, flower exhibitions, elephants, chendamelam – a lot of entertainment programs are arranged in this palace. For kid’s amusement, hundreds of swings will be tied around the garden of the palace and it’s really a pleasant sight to watch distant places from the hill top. Each and every tree will be decorated by lights and often fled lights are used to highlight big trees.


Now let me give you major destinations of Onam celebrations. A journey through the city in car, from East fort to Museum, through Bakery junction or Secretariat, Pulimood after 7pm is worth to watch. The city, bathed in multicoloured lights is a feast to eyes. Never miss to enter Chandrasekhar Stadium and Putharikandam Maidan, for Onam purchases and entertainment programs. Secretariat, Nagarasabha, Parliament, Zoo and Museum and whole path connecting East fort and Vellayambhalam visualizes Onam to perfection.


Stage shows are arranged in more than 20 places of the city and most hotels prepare ‘instant Onamsadya’ (Vegetarian Kerala meal) too. Preference is given to Kerala traditional art forms like Kathakali, Mohiniyattam, Theyyam etc. Yet, stage shows of celebrities, both dance and music will also be organized to attract more people. Actually the celebrations are conducted in a grand manner to promote Kerala Tourism among tourists. Also, a lot of tourist locations are nearby, including Veli lake, Kovalam beach and Ponmudi peak. Also floral decorations are given wide importance in the coastal belt near Kovalam, to attract foreign tourists.


If anyone asks me, which is the best season to visit Ananthapuri, no doubt, I will say – August-September, Chingam month of Malayalam calendar, when monsoon has just left filling all ponds and streams with water and spring has just arrived giving new smiles to flowers and seasons.

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