Oats And Pulses To Reduce Cholesterol


Cholesterol is a vital factor needed for our body. But even ‘Amruth’ in excess turns poison. It’s applicable in the case of cholesterol too. If it’s not kept in its limit it can eat away your whole health, balance and stamina of body. It’s to be noted that the recipes that we read through books and experiment in kitchen are ready-pass to the world of diseases in future. We should keep a limit in doing experiments with such recipes so as to keep our body health. Rather than eating gooseberry chutney and curry leaves curry later, it’s better to bring some restrictions to food habits at younger age itself. Now we can’t even assure that our kids won’t get heart problems.


Oats magic


It was proved three decades back by Dutch researchers that oats can resist cholesterol. Of 25 experiments conducted, 23 ones proved this fact. The researches say that if you include 55 gram oats in your daily diet within 4 months, good cholesterol of your body will be increased by 15%. Both outer shell and oats meal are healthy. But you need to eat double quantity of oats meal to get the same effect of oats husk.


Instant oats available in market can also fight cholesterol. If you take 55 gm oats everyday, you can reduce 6% cholesterol in 2 months for sure, says reports. But you should remove fat before using milk for cooking. Also never overcook oats. Beta glucon – a soluble fiber present in oats is behind this magic that blocks the production and absorption of cholesterol by human body.


Let us eat pulses


Pulses are of several types – green peas, green gram, chick peas, yellow peas, brown lentils etc. according to researches it’s proved that pulses can block cholesterol up to 20%, preventing them from absorption. Also it gives quick results. Soya bean, pea nut and long peas are most nutritious. Experts say that at least 6 factors needed to resist cholesterol are found in pulses. Among all water soluble fibers are most important. Also proteins found in soya beans are enough to fight cholesterol. Soya chunks are also equally nutritious and abundant reservoirs of fibers, most essential for human body.     

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