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“Nuggikeri Hanuman” Temple is considered one of the most ancient temples in Dharwad and the Hanuman idol in the temple was installed by famous Saint Shri Vyasraj. Temple is located around lake around 14 k.m from Dharwad, Karnataka,  INDIA. Devotees come from the different provinces to the temple. On every Saturdays, the crowd is more as filled with devotees as there is a belief that Saturday is a special day for Lord Hanuman. As per Census 2011 information, the village code of Nuggikeri village is 602284.


Lord Hanuman:

According to the Hindu Legends, Lord Hanuman is an ardent devotee of Lord Ram. Lord Hanuman also called by the names like Pavan Putra, BalaBheem, Maruti, Anjanaya, BajrangBali, etc. lord Hanuman as more than 35 names in Hindu Mythology. Lord Hanuman is a symbol of Power & Energy, & equally important for Dedication & Devotion. He is associated with Bravery, Honesty, and Loyalty. He represents wisdom & intellect along with the friendship & love. Because of these all qualities he is considered one of the most favorite gods among the Hindu practices. According to Hindu mythology, he is the incarnation of Lord Shiva. He dedicated his entire life to service & be with Lord Ram, as he follows Lord Ram’s words. People worship lord Hanuman to get peace in their busy lives, & get strength to fight against daily battle.


Legend and Stories:

There is a believe that the idol of lord Hanuman was found on a Lakebed about 60 years ago, A devotee passing nearby found it & started worshiping honestly. He was blessed with his wishes by making it come true. The Pratishtapana of Lord Hanuman idol was done by heavenliness Shri Vyasaraja the famous Saint of the time from court of Sri Krishnadevaraya of  Hampi. Till the date, the Lord Hanuman Sanctuary is handled by the same Desai family.



There is a strong believe in, and around the town that the “Nuggikeri Hanuman” Temple is the most powerful God in the region. There is also believed that one who visits the temple consecutively for Saturdays the wishes will fulfill easily without many trouble obstacles along the way to achieve. Devotee’s tie thread at the allotted place in their first visits & commits coming to the temple for the next four Saturdays. People feel the pureness of the place; get peace after a visit to the temple. & Get the way to their hurdles. Students from nearby colleges like S.D.M Engineering College and other visits the temple often.



Nuggikeri Temple is a small around 14 km surrounded adjacent with lake yet small compared to the other temples in Karnataka yet considered to be the strongest & powerful temple. Known was Jagruth Devasathan. Inside the temple, there are words like ‘Sri Ram, Jai Ram, Jai Jai Ram’ written all over the place. Temple is located next to a very beautiful lake. Lake Water is used for temple activities & pooja’s. There is the belief that the Lord Hanuman’s Idol was found. Being around the lake & watching the beautiful scenes of lake feels so blessed & pure from inside & get peace. There were found snakes in the lake before as Hanuman is the incarnation of Lord Shiva. However, now as the place turned to the tourist spot & every Saturdays, there will be the huge number of crowd so done with the reconstruction keeping the safety.



Nuggikeri Temple is located in between Hubli-Dharwad road, at a distance of 7.5 km from Dharwad & 22 km from Hubli. As there are local buses passing via Hubli-Dharwar people prefer the bus way. Considering Railways, Dharwad Railway Station is 3 km far from temple & Navalur Station is hardly 1.5 km far. Whereas nearest Airport is Hubli airport around 20km from city. Many people come from many regions like Bangalore, Mysore to Hubli airport hirer a taxi & visit temple with their convenience.  


Nearby Cities : Hubli, Dharwad, Navlur, Bailhongal.


Co-ordinates: 15°24'46"N 75°0'19"E.


Temple Address:

Nuggikeri Hanuman Temple,

Dharwad- 580002,

Karnataka, INDIA.


Contact Person:  

Mr. Krishna Desai





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