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Happy families

I have no village background but I have studied their culture very closely as few of my companies manufacturing units were in distant places in rich villages of western UP and Uttrakhand. What I saw during my visits there that they look like living together but with separate kitchens and trust me the Indian lawyers are totally dependent on them. There is not a single family, which has no lawsuit going for land and other properties. Combined families with no bonding with each other have no meaning, whatsoever.

I agree that city life is different for different reasons as most of the families particularly in service/jobs have distant postings therefore live separately but what I feel is that they are much better off, compared to combined families where you find one or the other disputes surfacing every day in between family members. Now choice is yours happy nuclear family or an infighting pretending family. I would prefer a family that lives in a combined house but lives on their own terms and according to their own earning standards.

I agree you can still find a few happy combined families in villages but then you can find such families in cities as well. I agree joint families did serve a purpose when our society was still evolving and to a certain extent, it still has its importance, more so in villages where people live together or close to one another on the shared properties, but with disputes, lots of disputes.

Your choice

Now the choice is yours you want to look like a joint family who in fact is not joint but divided to the deepest or happy nuclear family that is living a life of its own choice without any disputes. The nuclear families may face few problems but those can be managed without many troubles.

A happy family can be defined on certain standards, which have nothing to do on financial basis but love and affection. If there is no love among the members of a family, it is better to stay in different units because that helps in keeping a respect for each other. As the saying goes in our society- where you have a few utensils kept in a place, the sound is bound to happen.  

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