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Nirmala Periyasamy is one of the famous anchors in Tamil Television Channels. Nirmala Periyasamy is a very well known news anchor and artist of Tamil TV channels. A Tamil Language film named Vedigundu Murugesan which was released in 2009. Nirmala Periyasamy acted as a judge in that film. She is a very popular newsreader too. She became popular by pronouncing the Vanakkam word differently.

Nirmala Periasamy has worked on several television channels. She popularized by her individualized reading. She has done many shows especially news reading.

She has anchored a Tamil reality Television show named Solvathellam Unmai in Zee Tamil Channel. This program gives an open stage for the people to share their issues and problems in life. The show is to help the people for taking their decision and help them making their future better. She gave proper judgement in several cases. Now she does not anchor the show. She dropped from the TV show of a sudden.        

Now she anchored a Tamil reality television show named Vaimeya Vellum in Vasanth Television Tamil Channel. This program also same like Solvathellam Unmai in Zee Tamil. This program solves various life problems. The society will surely benefit from her contributions.

She would say the best solution to the various problems. Actively investigated by asking the opinions of all parties, providing solutions in the program itself. Problems are resolved. She makes peaceful atmosphere. At night, many people watch this Television show. What is the role of the media, to add a message to the people, to awaken, teaching knowledge. Media support for women to seek out a way to get the solution.

This program leads the good way to many. Supports many different types of people in many ways. In helping many children for their studies. Financial help is given to many. Some wedding event also was conducted in this programme. Pre delivery ritual has happened. Many good changes in society are happening with this program.

You also can view this program. If you wish to participate then you can participate in this programme. Live healthy and happy life. Live well. Serve better.

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Watch the Television shows and get benefit from it. Thank you for reading.

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