Network Security - Part 2

There are various threats that can cause damage to our data or personal details by using viruses. Hackers disrupt our personal information by entering in our system using computer fraud. The threats related to computer or network security can be categorised broadly in two classes which are as follows:

  1. Person Threat
  • Internal users threat
  1. Intentional
  2. Unintentional
  • External users threat
  1. Natural Threat


Person Threat

Person threats caused by the user either internally or externally using the computer system. The external users who broke out in our system using a computer system from outside are known as hackers. They are one of most serious threat to our computer or network system. Hackers uses his knowledge to discover the loop holes in a computer system which is connected on network and by using these loop holes try to access the system illegally. Once the hacker manages to enter in the system, he easily steals the confidential information and can corrupt the system resources. We can take an example of online shopping website. If a hacker manages to access the gain of this website, then he will steal the credit card information of the user and thereafter either he can use this information for personal benefits or disrupt the business of site owner.

Internal user threat can harm much more than external one. As internal user already knows about the system passwords, he can access the system easily. These users include the dissatisfied workers of the organisation who know about the IT resources. These users may steal the crucial information and can give it to the company competitor for monetary gain. They also use the worms and viruses to change the system behaviour.

Some user ignores some tasks due to lack of knowledge of network security and unintentionally give access to hackers. This is happen only those cases where the operator not trained according to the requirement as a computer operator.

Natural Threats

A natural threat includes all natural calamities like, fire, cyclones, flood and earthquakes. These threats may result in loss of data and destruction of hardware devices.


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