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Lifestyle and our health

Fast changing lifestyles have changed our food habits, which cause toxins to deposit in out systems. These toxins are main reasons for weakening of our resistance and immune system and we fall ill easily. You should follow certain methods to avoid from such problems-

1- There are certain foods items, which can help you detoxify your system like eating enough leafy and green vegetables add bulk to feces, which is very helpful in cleaning out your bowls. Your healthy digestion system is your guarantee of a healthy body.

2- Tomato is another very good antioxidant for your system that helps clean your body with its water content.

3- Rose petals can help you get rid of constipation; you can consume the simply plucking fresh from your garden or mix them with milk in night before going to bed, eight to ten of rose petals are enough to keep your bowls clean. 

4- Garlic plays a very vital role in keeping your body detoxification process regular as it produces digestive enzymes, which help clean liver. Garlic also makes sulfuric compounds those help clean your body toxins. Garlic has number of other health benefits on your body therefore regular consumption of garlic is considered very helpful for your entire body system.

5- Water is very helpful in removal of toxins from your system therefore drinking enough water solves many problems related to liver and urinary system. Drinking as much water as possible is very healthy but the quantity in between 3-5 liters a day according to weather conditions is helpful.

6- Neem is considered as very effective blood purifier, which removes acnes as well. Eating Neem is not easy due to very bitter taste but if you can manage to eat eight to ten fresh leaves first thing in the morning while going for your morning walks can give you wonderful results on your digestive system as well as on liver. Neem with its wonderful health benefits is very popular all over the world.

7- Sprouts or gram should be part of your diet, which are helpful ingredients for a better digestive system that keeps you toxin free. 

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