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Mysore is one of the biggest cities of Karnataka and is very famous for the Wodeyar dynasty that ruled over the place for centuries. This city of palaces is filled with ancient architecture, the beauty of which attracts tourists. From an underdeveloped city, it evolved into a busy place with full of apartments, supermarkets and malls and one of the reasons for its fast growth is due to the emergence of IT companies in this area. Though there is a modern outlook in Mysore, the glory of the past is still well maintained.


Mysore travel guide will help you to know more about this place and where to stay there when you get in. So if you are planning for a tour to Mysore then look at the perfect Mysore travel guide that will help you a lot. If you want to get in by air, there is a local airport located just 12 kilometers from the city center. Getting in by train is also one of the best options as the place is well connected by trains with other important places of India. To explore the city, you can hire cars or auto-rickshaws and you also can board the government buses which are the cheapest modes of local transportation in Mysore.


If you want to see all the nearby attractions in Mysore you need to stay there at least for three days because there are a number of places of interest in and around the city. For those who cannot spare more days, one day tours are available. There are both government and private buses that will take your around all the major destinations in just one day.


When the name Mysore is said, the next thing that comes to our mind is Mysore palace. This beautiful palace looks very beautiful with its doors carved out of rosewoods and decorated with inlaid ivory works. The paintings of Maharajas found inside are lifelike and would appear as though they are really looking at you. If you want to see the palace in full illumination then you have to visit in weekends and national holidays from 7 PM to 8 PM. There are about hundred thousand bulbs there which make it look as heaven on earth.


Brindavan Garden is very famous garden in Mysore located at the Krishna Rajasagar Circle and is famous for its musical fountain. The light and sound show is real feast for eyes. Chamundi Hills is another important tourist and religious locations in Mysore that is famous for its huge Nandi statue.


Among various places of interest in Mysore namely Lalit Mahal Palace, Jayalakshmivilas Mansion, Jagmohan Palace and Art Gallery and Karanji Kere, Mysore Zoo is very popular. The zoo is well maintained and one of the oldest of its kind in India. Royal Bengal tigers, black bear, white peafowl, African rhinoceroses and white tigers are some of the rare species found here.


Mysore is famous for Mysore silk saris, sandalwood figurines, the sweet called Mysore pak and Mysore masala dosa. With the help of good Mysore travel guide select the right Mysore hotels and Mysore restaurants so that you can spend your days joyfully.

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