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Sasan Gir is 500kms from Ahmedabad it s a very good place to visit there are many lions there the forest has an area of 200kms and there are 400 lions once.  there, the problem was that the quantity of  lions was very less  but now the lions are more than the quantity the forest can hold. A lions pride requires 10  to 14 kms and a lions pride usually consists of 13 to 22 lionesses and 1 lion .but in the forest there are many other animals like deers and cows  but if you are very lucky you can get a chance to see a cheetah ive heard of cheetahs in sasan gir and for sure it’s a must go journey.


Near sasan gir there is also a must go place named Diu its falls on the huge 1600 kms coastline of gujurat which is the longest in India. Diu is much like goa the portugeese not only settled in goa they also settled in Diu. Diu also has beaches it’s a union territory many portugeese people live there it is approx 120 kms from Sasan Gir it has great hotels you will really forget about lions there.There the main diet of the people there is fish and if you love eating fishes it’s a must eat destination and this one is also a must go journey.


Vallabhi is approx 270 kms from diu it’s a great historical place once it was an education centre . th e place dosent have any ruins remaining but it’s close to a city of Gujarat known as Bhavnagar it is not a historic place but 40 kms from there is a black buck sanctuary known as Velavadar it has the most number blackbucks in India there are approx 3300 black bucks it also has a tour guide facility if you are going its damn sure that you are going to see a blackbuck. This is also a must go journey.


Lothal is another must go place in the must go series of Gujarat it was one of the important places in Indus valley civilization I here am going to finish my article but a last point is that Lothal is 120 kms from Ahmedabad the point where the trip you started.

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