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Indians – particularly south Indians have a strong bond with plantain and banana. Raw banana known as plantain or its fruit is used as food, medicine and for religious and cultural purposes in south India. All parts of a plantain serve some purposes and so, it’s literally called Swarga tharu’, means heavenly tree. Let us know in detail how banana serves us in multiple ways.


Banana fruit contains vital nutrients needed for our body. It is abundant in vitamins and carbohydrates and most significant thing to note is that it doesn’t contain alcohol content. Africans and Asians depend on banana for food while it serves as a decorative for rich European countries.


It is used for medicinal purposes too. A small type of banana known as ‘palayamkodan’ is an effective medicine for constipation. Banana increases digestion and cleans our digestive tract too. Banana powder is given to kids from 4th or 6th month in many regions of Kerala. Banana powder is boiled adding enough water and black sugar cubes known as ‘Kalkandam’ and given to infants. For that, plantain (raw) will be sliced into pieces, dried well and powdered. Then it’s kept in bottles and given to infants once or twice a day by the procedure I have quoted. It covers almost all nutrients including iron and vitamins and hence, if given to kids it boosts their growth. It is also a remedy for ulcers, digestion problems, intestine problems and dysentery. Banana skin if rubbed on skin reduces skin allergy. It beautifies your skin and face too, if used.


Banana is available in more than 15 varieties and they have distinct tastes too. Banana leaf is used to serve meals and in temples for many rituals. Everything is served or offered for rituals or devotees will be plantain leaf. If we use banana leaf to have food, it saves our work and time to clean dishes. But banana leaves can be used only once.


Plantain as whole with banana bunch is used to decorate temples during festival season. Entry point of marriage auditoriums are also decorated the same way in South India. Coconut bunches are also used along with it.


In Kerala, banana is cultivated fully in a field or mixed with other cultivation like peas or tapioca. Maximum varieties of banana are available in Kerala. Red, green or yellow – banana skin may vary in colour according to the varieties. Big Bang and Knock Corn are the foreign varieties of banana used for cultivation here.


While doing ponkals in Kerala temples, banana slices are added along with raisins, cashew, bay leaves and cardamom. In Krishna temples, it’s offered along with butter, as butter is Krishna’s favourite. External skin and stem of plantain are used for making decorative items, bags and clothes and sold at high prices. It can be used to tie flowers to garlands too.  


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