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Movie marketing has become more scientific and innovative. Ubiquitous is how one can describe brand 'Ghajini'. One can find its presence across all mediums, be it TV, print, outdoor, Internet, mall activation, cinema activation and even in the advertisements of other brands! Movie marketing in India has evolved and is becoming more innovative and scientific in its approach. Ghajini is a really good example of that.

Marketing of a movie is as critical as that of a brand. Sandeep Bhargava, CEO, Studio 18 (which was behind the marketing of Ghajini) feels that there is a fair amount of films for the viewers to consume every week. Thus, it is increasingly becoming important for a film to recover money with a good beginning. In this scenario, the opening weekend becomes critical. "Marketing, at the end of the day, has to bring in viewers and then the content has to stand on its own. Marketing ensures that these films get that fabulous opening. For example, Ghajini, because of its marketing, had the biggest opening weekend that Bollywood has ever seen," he says. "But one has to remember that marketing ensures trial. This is similar to product advertising which ensures that the consumer tries the product. If the product is good, there will be repeat trials and if the product is not good, marketing and advertising can't do much for the brand," he cautions.

It is no longer just TV, print and outdoor. Most available mediums are now being used by the movie marketers. Says Maneesh Mathur, COO, P9, "Movie marketing has changed because people are now looking at the consumers. It is not just B2B marketing (for the distributors) anymore. B2C marketing has gained prominence because of specialized agencies like us. The campaigns that are being run to promote a film are 360 degree in nature. Various innovative initiatives like channel show integration (with properties like Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, Bigg Boss, Amul Star Voice of India) and cricket tie-ups are happening. For example, we tied up with Neo Sports during the recent India-England series for 'Jumbo of the series' contest for the film Jumbo."

Most importantly, the film stars have become very conscious about marketing now. Says Mathur, "The stars are now actively involved. There is so much you can do when the star gets involved like specials, radio contest, integration and online chat."

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