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Those people who have tasted the mouthwatering spicy Indian chicken recipe would like to enjoy it once again. There are some traditional dishes like chicken tikka, chicken, chicken vindaloo, Hyderabadi chicken, dry chicken and chicken curry prepared at every Indian home who eats non-veg foods. However if you want to try out new Indian chicken recipe you must go online. You can find recipes of different varieties prepared with tender chicken. The requirements of each recipe would vary. Some are prepared with boneless chicken, some need the legs, some drumsticks and some the lollipops.

There are some fundamental things that you must know when you are preparing chicken recipe. One important thing is marinating. You have to marinate your chicken with lemon and curd and sometimes with spices and condiments to increase its taste and tenderness. For the newbie, you have wide variety of new chicken dishes presented online with photographs and step by step instructions. These varieties include garlic chicken, ginger chicken, fried chicken, chicken 65, butter chicken, chicken chettinad, lemon chicken, Punjabi chicken, pepper chicken, etc. Each one names these varieties as the desire but mostly you can infer the contents of the Indian chicken recipe by its name itself.

Usually few types of spices are added to make these Indian chicken recipes. The difference will be there only its composition. The frequently used items are garlic, ginger, green chili, tomato, chili powder, cumin seed, fenugreek, curd, coconut, mint, onion, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, garam masala, turmeric powder, oil, etc. Salt is added to almost all the recipes. If you do not want the finished product to be too spicy you can reduce the spices as per the requirements.

In some websites the Indian chicken recipes are categorized as easy, medium and hard. This helps the beginners to start with the easy recipe and move on to the tougher ones as they master the art. Another important matter about this is not all the Indian chicken recipes are cooking with traditional stoves. Some require traditional hobs, while some need conventional oven, microwave oven, toaster griller and some are also barbequed. So before you start preparing the Indian chicken recipe make sure you have the required type of hob. Only then you will be able to get that real good taste of Indian foods.

The Indian chicken recipe can be broadly classified as South Indian chicken recipe and North Indian chicken recipe. Usually the South Indian types are hot and spicy that its counterpart. Some North Indian varieties are prepared with tandoors. These varieties include tandoori chicken, chicken kabab, murg masala, sizzlers, Jaipuri chicken, murg musallam, etc. The South Indian chicken varieties are Pallipalayam chicken, chettinad chicken, milagu chicken, chicken vindaloo, chicken kurma, chicken kulambu, etc.

The Indian chicken recipe is not only made as standalone food items. Sometimes the chicken is mixed with rice varieties and this is called as chicken biriyani. They are also made as soups, dry items, chicken gravies, chicken puffs, burgers, etc. If you taste Indian chicken recipe once you will never ever forget in your life.

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