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Mother is the first friend of a child. She can feel the happiness or sorrow of a child. The relation of parents and children is very much heart touching and the relation of mother and child gets more important in our culture. So we can repay every debt but not a mother’s debt.To a person, it is very important to maintain the relation with mothers.


We have some responsibilities and duties to our mother. We should not send them to any old age home. Here are some points to strengthen the relationship with mother:Communication is the first thing and we should be always in touch with our mother. A mother cares a baby in their childhood so it is our also duty to look after her in her need.We should be careful to her need. She may feel insecure in old age and we should give support her in every time.


We should listen her words as she heard all words of her son and it is right that a mother always want and says for the benefit of her child.Our children follow us, so they are watching what we are doing to our parents. They will follow the same with us. So we should set up an example in front of them morally so that the children can think their parents as role model.Role of a mother: A woman plays some roles in her life time. First she is a daughter of parents and lives in a culture. Then she goes to another home with her husband and there she lives till end. She dreams and acts for that sweet home. Then the role of mother comes and this is an important role where she sacrifices a lot and suffers a lot.


First she gets the pain of birth and helps children to be a man in future.After a lot sacrifice she may want a rest in old age .This time we have some duties and we should not forget that. We should remember that what I am today that is only for her.

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There is no relation above the relation of mother. Care her in need.

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