Modular Kitchen Accessories In Hyderabad

Modular Kitchens are Equipped with the per-manufactured cabinet parts, modular kitchens are simple and look elegant with top notch interior styling and designs. Most of the common modular kitchen features and their accessories in the contemporary kitchens are listed below -

A cabinet is an important accessory for the present day contemporary kitchen. These different cabinets are exclusively meant for storing containers of different sizes. They do not just increase the storage space, but also help in organizing things in a way that they are not visible, thereby helping the kitchen look neat, organized and spacious.


Shutters and shelves: 
Interior Designers In Hyderabad Every modular kitchen comes with plenty of shelves and shutters. With the help of shutters, stack crockery items like bowls, plates, containers and utensils conveniently.

Cooker Hoods: 
cooker hoods in any of these modern kitchens. Cooker hoods are more useful in getting rid of smoke from the kitchen. Since Indian cuisines hold strong aroma of spices, it is advisable to place cooker hoods in almost every Indian kitchen.

Cooker Hoods

Cooking Range: 
Cooking units are fixed to granite counter tops. These are also available in various sizes that include our as well as two burners.

Pull out drawers: 
Pull-out drawers are used to store a variety of food items, spices, utensils, and one must ensure that the modular kitchen that they offer has got these pull-out drawers at all costs. Pull-out drawers help save space and store items while they lie concealed within.

Modular kitchen accessories of AILI 304 superior quality stainless steel graded of non-Corrosion material comes with "LIFE TIME WARRANTY" unique designed chrome plated baskets are easy to install,manage the various kitchen utensils provides optimum storage capacity,multiple storage and functionality.

modular kitchen accessories in Hyderabad are available in various sizes,designs to cater the multiple storage requirements and are available as Plain basket,thali basket,deep drawer basket,cup & saucer basket,partition basket,bottle pull out, corner organizers,hang-on wall accessories,wall unit accessories & base unit accessories for systematic arrangement of different patterns of kitchen wares are available with discounted price list.

Modular Kitchen Dealers in Hyderabad and Its accessories are well organized, attractive, offer ample storage by optimizing the available space and increasing the efficiency of the kitchen at affordable cost.

Several Attractive Features:
The top-end kitchens available today offer several attractive features. At Hacker Kitchen, for instance, the high precision mechanics of the channels ensures that drawers slide in and out smoothly. They have a soft shutting mechanism. If you haven't applied sufficient force and the drawer remains slightly ajar, after a while it automatically clasps shut.
All their upper-end cabinets, drawers and shutter almiras have a layer of beading that makes them dust-proof. Many of their products are fitted with tempered glass that gives them an opulent look.


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