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If you want to sell or buy a land or property some knowledge of guideline value is very important. This guideline value differs from state to state as it comes under the state government administration and the revenue generated goes to the particular state government. The state government fixes this value and revises it periodically. Recently it has been revised after 5 years in April 2012 in Tamil Nadu and there are lots of wrong values and miscalculations in that.


When you buy a land or property in Tamil Nadu, you have to pay 8% of the total value of the land as stamp duty. Alternatively when the property is gift settled among the family members then the charges are 4% of the value with a maximum of Rs.10,000 per deed. In these cases, the value of the property is calculated based on the guideline value fixed by the government. So this value becomes very important in all these cases.


I tried to find out the Tamil Nadu guideline value for a particular site in our area. All these are listed in the official registration related website http://www.tnreginet.net/igregn/guideline_value.htm. When I tried to enter the site, I was confronted with the virus warning. After trying for a while, I had to switch off my antivirus to get into the site. The virus may or may not be there but such warning in an official government site gave me a wry face. I wondered if it is done intentionally to keep the people in ignorance always.


The properties are categorized as under based on their value:


Commercial Class I Type I

Commercial Class I Type II

Commercial Class I Type III

Residential Class I Type I

Residential Class I Type II

Residential Class I Type III

Mixed Type I, II and III

Residential Special Type I

Commercial Special Type I and so on


After searching for sometimes, I understood that the guideline value and the real property value have no connection at all. There are options in the site to search category wise, street wise and survey number wise. If the survey number of your property is 123 and it is located in abc street, then the guidelines of both should match. But this is not the case here. For SF N0.123 it might be Rs.300 and for abc street it might be Rs.1000. So, people will seek the lowest value. To add fuel to fire, the Disclaimer in the official site reads, ‘The Guideline Values hosted in this website are subject to confirm with the Registering Officers concerned.’ When they go and enquire in the register office, the officials usually give the highest value. On some bargain, they will agree to accept the lower one if some stuff is put into their pocket. I am writing the real issue I faced and it is not an imaginary one.


Bhavani Main Road is the state highway and the only main road in Brahmana Periya Agraharam which is located 4 kilometers from the Erode Bus Stand. In Bhavani Main Road, per square feet is sold at Rs.2000. But the guideline value given in the website for this is Rs.750. No person will open his mouth if it is given below the value as it only helps to reduce the stamp duty at the same time help fulfilling the greed of the concerned authority.


Now, let me share my problem. I searched with my survey number 224. The value of the land given here is Rs.1000 per square feet where the real value is lesser than that and is categorized under Residential Class I Type III. Now, the adjacent land has the survey number 223 and it is categorized under the dry well irrigation type and the value is Rs.30 lakhs per acre which comes to less than Rs.70 per square feet. So, with a gap of just 10 to 20 feet, there is huge difference in the guideline values.


Again, I tried searching for the same property based on street wise categorization. Our entire area has been listed under Well Street (AOK Tannery) and the guideline value given here is Rs.700 per square feet which is more or less equal to the present value of land. But this area comes under Ward No. 13 though it is listed separately. When searched under Ward No. 13, then the property value given for all the streets (except few streets like Well Street AOK Tannery) is just Rs. 350 per square feet. This means, if I sell my land of 1000 square feet, the buyer has to pay the stamp duty of Rs. 56,000 and if the adjacent land falling under Ward No. 13 of 1000 square feet is sold, then the amount that has be paid as stamp duty is just Rs. 28,000. So, if two nearby pieces of lands with different guideline values are for sale, then which one will you buy?



The screenshots of the official site will help to understand the problem in a better way. Red tapism, bureaucratic aristocracy and corruption are taking the toll by squashing the average citizen of India. The government is itself paving way for corruption through these confusing and misguiding guideline value types of things. Where is our country heading to? What are these political eunuchs doing?

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