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If you want to enhance the page views of your blog or website, it is essential to keep your unique visitors interested. Getting visitors for a website need not have to be similar to taking a school test. But you have to put in some effort mainly to make certain that you are staying steady.The number of page views you get just comes down to the number of posts you generate.

As per statistics an average reader views around one and a half pages each time they visit a website or a blog. So it would appear to justify that the more pages you create, the better you will be doing. Can anything be done to get more page views? Writing a series is a good and known method of generating page views and is found to be really effective.

You can see a nice increase in page impressions and web traffic if your series turns out successful. Interlinking within the content is just linking to your own content. This technique is found to be very effective. Besides providing links to the post you already created, it will also keep the readers to view all your relevant posts. Similarly, you should also interact. Youtube and Facebook are all about interaction.  

You should be able to keep your readers via comments and build a community. This way you will have faithful readers and they will automatically increase the website or blog traffic for you. Encourage the visitors to give comments. It will help you to get more page views. As mentioned before, one thing you have to do on your blog, besides increasing page views, is to communicate with your readers.

You have to make the readers know that you are not just giving out content but really care about them and their valued opinions. There are some techniques that can be used to get more comments.You have to invite comments. As it is said if you do not open your mouth, nobody will feed you. You should also present a little bit of good information and keep your readers engaged. 

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