March- The Time For Writing Your Self-assessment

Self Assessment
As matter of routine we all go through the process of self-assessment in different fields of our working areas and the people working in corporate sector do it as a routine for the purpose of assessing him for his shortcomings or judging his plus points and his increment and promotion very much depends on his appraisal. But let us understand it clearly at this point that appraisal is the best way to judge a person’s capabilities and incapability that provides him a chance to improve his performance also. One can judge himself and prepare himself for the challenges in a better way for the future. 

Total Quality Management 
So, while self assessment helps know a person himself better before the actual appraisals come to show the result of your work. Let’s see the role of appraisal that came into existence in late eighties in the Indian companies. I can remember when I was first asked to participate in employee involvement (E.I.) program when I was working as a sales engineer in a Mumbai based multinational company posted at Bangalore I was taken aback for a while as it was something new for me. But, later as a regional manager when we renamed it Total Quality Management (TQM) program and conducted it on half yearly basis and found it very helpful. Actually the program helps both the company and the employees get better results by time bound self-assessments and appraisal system.

Self-Assessment Process
The process of self-assessment has turned into a very interesting activity in modern times. As we all are aware there are workers that prefer to talk about themselves only and keep boasting about their achievements. There are also the ones who behave kind of introverts and do not feel comfortable talking about their achievements the self assessment proves to be helpful for such people but in some cases such people feel it a challenging task to write about their good work. However, the good part of writing a true self-assessment always helps reach your activities to your seniors that makes a big effect on your future promotion and increment. So, beware if you’re in the process of writing a self-assessment.   

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