March - The Appraisal Time

March - The Appraisal time

I am sure most of my friends are going through evaluation process right now, as corporate world must be preparing for your promotion and increments in April. I am sure you must be busy filling self-appraisal forms to be submitted soon for further action by your seniors or maybe you are busy putting your remarks on your juniors’ appraisal submissions.


The Appraisal

Appraisal is a report of an employee where certain points are taken into account-

a- Your punctuality record

b- Your devotion toward work

c- Your behavior and attitude

d- Your ability to work in a team

e- Your leadership qualities

f- Your willingness to finish work according to time schedule


I, as a marketing professional who has worked corporate sector for almost 3 decades can tell you with my experience that the one who comes to his work place dot on time and takes full interest in his work. Such workers never leave any job pending on their desk and become examples among their coworkers, a motivating force that others want to follow. Employees meeting their deadlines get extra importance while their seniors make their recommendations for promotion or salary hike.


Appraisal is beneficial for both

Appraisal is not all about employees related but companies too are benefited as it helps making employees improve overall and it also help ascertain about level of improvement an employee can achieve increasing productivity. Companies also can make an estimate about employee’s seriousness and dedication to plan accordingly. They plan promotions and salary hikes based on these appraisals.


You chances to improve

I know employees are leaving nothing to chance especially in this cutthroat environment of private sector where people are finding it tough to save their jobs if they are not outstanding, sincere and absolutely dedicated to their work. Work ethics, behavior, abilities etc are other qualities, which count for achieving next levels of carrier. There is no doubt that every one has certain plus or negative points but to reach to next level one must improve his productivity and capacity without any further delay to find himself in the list of workers who get the nod of seniors. 

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Suny thinks you should improve to take full advantage.

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