Malayalam Cinema Gave National Award For Best Actor To Two Established Comedians


National award for best actor – male or female is the shining moment or dream of every Indian actor. The award is given to the most talented actor every year and obviously in most cases, the actor who receives this award would be a well-known or well established actor/actress of Indian cinema. Malayalam cinema has given so many talented artists to Indian cinema, whether it’s actors, singers or film makers. Malayalam cinema owns the credit of numerous awards in the categories of Best film, direction, acting, singers etc. It owns a unique credit as well. In the past 45 years of this award ceremony, only Malayalam cinema has been able to give National award for best actor to standup and well-established comedians! Malayalam cinema achieved this status not once, but twice through Salim Kumar and Suraj Venjaramood.


Malayalam cinema received this honour since the beginning of the new decade. It created a lot of news among Malayalam audience when Salim Kumar, the comedian of Malayalam cinema who has mostly appeared in less significant roles won National award for best actor, aside Tamil actor Dhanush. Kamal was the first director who identified the potential of Salim Kumar who gave him a serious role for the first time in 2003 movie – Gramaphone. In 2005, he handled his second serious role. He played the male protagonist of a father of a raped teenager in Lal Jose’s directorial – Achanurangatha Veedu, which bagged him Kerala state award for second best actor. Aadaminte Makan Abu in 2010 was only his third serious role among the hundreds of role he played onscreen. The story tells the intense desire of an old Muslim couple to go to Haj.


It’s bit surprising to all Malayalis including me when the National award was announced for the last time. Though Malayalam cinema earned only less number of awards this time, National award for Suraj Venjaramood created big headlines for all leading newspapers and television channels. Suraj – a mimicry artist and comedian known for his ‘Thiruvananthapuram accent’ of dialogue delivery in a comic style is the most popular comedian of Malayalam cinema since the doyen of comedy Jagathy Sreekumar met with an accident and took a break from the industry. He has been heavily criticized for mocking Thiruvananthapuram accent despite being a native of same district. But this style made him extremely popular and the best entertainer of Malayalam cinema in the recent times. Very rarely have audience seen him in a serious role. Surprisingly, after comedy film Duplicate, Perariyathavar is his first movie as a male protagonist. He shared the national award for the year 2013 with another talented actor -   Rajkummar Rao.   


These comedians snatched the awards when many big names including superstars were in the list. Many big stars of Bollywood and other forms of commercial cinema have never received this award. So these comedians, who get less attention from public, definitely deserve a true salute from all readers. Yes, both these actors have proved that talent is more important than stardom to achieve real success in career. I dedicate this article to all comedians of Indian cinema, who play a magnificent role in the success of movies, yet fail to earn dignity and respect which they actually reserve. Yes, it’s most difficult to make people laugh than to make them cry. Only a few know this fact!!!  

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I salute both

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