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Akkiraju and Rohit are software engineers but they have left that job. Do you think why and what is that great thing they are doing?? Come lets see what are they doing....

After completion of studies, they had to stay far away from the native in search of job. In this situation they faced lot of problem about food. Its not about getting food, but north Indian, south Indian, veg and non-veg, whatever the items may be, but having homemade food is something different and gives satisfaction. There tongue started asking them homemade food. And the small belly started to grow..... without spoiling health how to get homemade food was there thinking. With this thinking “” took birth.

In this busy life schedule, many people come to city for jobs. Due to this lot of hotels, Tiffin’s centres, curry points have grown in each and every area. But after some days we feel like having homemade food. And having outside food daily is not healthy also.  So to provide people with homemade food they have started a website Through which we can order food online.

How much ever we spend, we will feel satisfied if one have homemade food. So they thought that homemade food will have a good craze. By which they thought of giving some helping hand to women who cannot go out for work but want to work and financial support. So they took help of housewife and started this business.

They solved a lot of problems when they were working in software field. When they started thinking about the students, travel, software, etc they found that food was their main problem. They thought of solving this problem.

Just for trial basis they worked for two weeks by providing food from mess and curry centre to the persons ordered. But they stated pointing out that this is not homemade food. So they decided very strongly that provide food which is made by females at home. They used facebook request, but as most of the housewife never use facebooks so they did not get any response.  After so many hurdles they reached to a stage. Now this is very good business to them.


You can order the food online. If you want the food for tomorrow’s lunch, you have to order by today 8 pm. And if you want to order for today’s night, you have to order by afternoon 3.00.

Its a south Indian food. If vegetarian is cost 50-65, if non-vegetarian its above 100. Cost of North Indian food also depends on the variety.

They deliver where ever you want.

Is this not good news to people who are lagging for homemade food?

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