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Love after marriage

I know most couples like to visit cinema halls especially newly-weds to experience a different feeling of thrill while it is dark and holding each others hands.. I am not sure what they enjoy more the movie or the company of each other but that is an experience which they were unknown until they had it. Although there are couples, who feel going to watch a movie with wife is waste of time and they are simply wasting those precious three hours, which they could have utilized in a better way. But most couples experience a different kind of feeing in initially stage while in a cinema hall.  

Couple who find going to cinema a waste of time, I agree with them- why waste only two-three hours while you have wasted whole of your life after marriage. But jokes apart, what I feel is that it would be better to go to places where you two can understand each other without any interference would be much better choice and if you still feel you should watch a movie together, you still can go to watch a movie in those places, a late show probably.

Garden or movie – choice is yours

Some people think that they can go to a garden with their wives instead of going to watch a movie in theaters. That is not a bad idea as you get to see lot of theatrical movements going on in public parks also. Now choice is yours a theater paying for tickets or a walk in a nearby garden! For me, I would prefer to go to a place where no one is around, where I can talk to my wife or sit watching Mother Nature in all her glory.

Everyone is a winner

People who would love to go to watch a movie are lucky and luckier are those who get enough time to visit gardens with wife otherwise most people generally spend all of their spare time visiting malls carrying shopping bags while taking their wallets out, putting it back in to their pockets after making the payments.

However, for me the luckiest is the one, who would hold hand of his wife and walk through parks, jungles or riverbanks or sit there for hours silently whenever they find some spare time. Anyway, that is all about life, you have not much of a choice if you have decided to marry and live happily ever after. Everything is part of life.

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Suny would walk in a park with his wife in place going to a multiplex. 

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