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Local Saints

There are no two opinions about the fact that our country is overly religious and some of our states are more religious than other states. Rajasthan is one of the most religious states of our country where temples and gods are inseparable part of life of people. People in Rajasthan especially in villages worship their local saints also called ‘Lok Deveta’ and ‘Lok Deviyan’ with as much respect as they give to their gods.

 The only difference is that most of these saints are not as old as God, which is believed to be present ever since the world came into existence. These very saints are worshiped as Lok Deveta or Devi or folk saints in Rajasthan. Incidentally, these saints have played a vital role in keeping social and local values of the state.  

Lok Deveta

Rajasthan is famous for its Lok Deveta Culture for long time and almost every village has its own such Lok Deveta or Devi that has been worshiped with all the due reverence in form of celebrations. The state of Rajasthan is also famous for folk songs, folk music, local fetes etc. The most important aspect of these celebrations is the all religion participation with much fanfare. The way people celebrate these functions with focus on Lok Deveta or Devi it can be safely said that these celebrations keep people united. 

If we consider these Lok Deveta with a historic point of view we can keep Baba Ramdev, Veer, Teja Ji, Goga Peer, Dev Narain Ji, Pabu Ji, etc in that category who draw a very strong respect from people of their respective areas. We have many places famous for their association with local saints who became ideal and the place concerned converted into a religious place incidentally. 

Famous Places

We can put places like Pushkar, Kwaza Ki Dargah, Baba Narhar Peer, Galiya Kot, Shree Mahaveer Ji, Reshab Dev, Diggi Kaliya Ji, Ran Thambor, Trpur Sundari, Shakambri,  etc in that category where Lok Deveta are worshipped for their contribution to society. There is another category of Lok Deveta in Rajasthan where people gather everyday for their overall acceptability. Places like are Bala Ji, Shri Nathdwara, Rani Sati Temple etc.  

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