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Generally the people who are donors of liver are the one died and who had no disorders related to organs. The donors who belong to such categories are termed as cadaver donors. Apart from these donors, someone who willingly wants to donate a liver can do so but the condition of healthy organ is mandatory. Such donors who are living and wish to donate a healthy liver to the needy ones are termed as living donors.  They donate a part of their liver to the patients. After a period of time, the liver of donor grows again and successful transplantation occurs.


Delhi is the capital city of India and thus a large number of national and international hospitals are here giving top class liver transplant treatment facilities. The surgical procedure followed by doctors in liver transplant surgery in Delhi is based on international standards. There are various functionalities of a healthy liver. Around 400 tasks per day are performed by the liver. Basic tasks performed by liver includes protein synthesis which is used for clotting of blood, bile formation which is helpful in the digestion, removal of various toxins, bacteria and other waste that are present in the blood.


Liver transplant surgery in Delhi is performed by the highly experienced surgeon who practiced for years in the same field and becomes highly efficient. Upper abdominal cuts are made by doctors in the donors in order to remove the liver for transplanting it into the patient’s body. The liver of donor is kept in a solution that is cool and saline for preserving it for around 8 hours. During this process, all the tests which are necessary before the transplantation are done for making a match between the donor’s liver and recipient’s liver so that surgery could proceed further. Around 12 hours of operation is conducted in which donor’s liver is transplanted into the recipient’s liver by attaching it to specific blood vessels and bile duct. There are several reasons for one requiring the liver transplantation. In children, the common reason for the liver transplant surgery is biliary atresia and in adults the common reason found is known as cirrhosis which is caused due to long term intake of alcohol.

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There are several hospitals in Delhi providing liver transplantation surgeries but PSRI hospital is the first choice for many as the highly experienced team of surgeons and advanced infrastructure..

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