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Kovalam has been a favorite visit place of tourists, especially Europeans. Kovalam is a beach located around 16 km from Trivandrum city. Kovalam is known as the Paradise of South. The leisure options at this beach are sunbathing, swimming, herbal body massages and various cultural programmes. The beach complex includes Ayurvedic health resorts, hotels, swimming zones, volleyball ground and various small resting places. There is large number of beaches in and around kovalam. Some of them are Chowara beach, Pulingudi beach, Vizhinjam beach, Aazhimala beach etc.  Tourist’s coming to see Kovalam is increasing day by day. The main aim of tourists to visit Kerala is no doubt to see the beauty of Kovalam beach. Kovalam has three main beaches namely Light house beach, Hawah beach and Samudra beach.

Light house Beach:

This beach is the one most visited by tourists. Here we can see an old Vizhinjam light house, so the place got its name. It is about 35 meter height.

Hawah beach:

This beach is also known as Eve’s beach because of its beautiful surroundings. This beach is also called heaven by tourists because of those who are looking for peace and relaxation.

Samudhra beach:

Northern part of the beach is known as Samudra beach. Several hotels and resorts can see around this beach. This beach was small and very nice rocks are there for sunbathing.

Beaches are lined with shops that offer all kinds of goods and services. Kovalam provide a wide variety of Ayurvedic treatments for tourists. The massage is extremely relaxing and releases tension from the body and mind. The sands on the beaches in Kovalam are partially black in color due to the presence of limonite and monazite. Normal tourist season is from September to May at that time we can see a huge rush in these beaches. Delicious sea food is also available in near places. Long walk by the coastline, sunbathing, beach volley ball, football, fishing and other various games are some of the attractions that can be enjoyed at the beach. Several coconut trees can be seen along the beach. Between the trees we can see long swing, while swinging tourists are enjoying the beauty of sea. The best time to capture the beauty of the beach is during sunrise and sunset.

Honeymoon couples will enjoy Kovalam as it provides a romantic scene with plenty of fun and adventure.     

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Kovalam is really a loving place.

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