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Khajuraho temples is one of the world’s famous tourist destinations and one of the UNESCO’s world heritage sites located in the central part of India in Chhatarpur district of Madhya Pradesh. The Chandels ruled over the Central India from 10th century to 12th century and their capital was Kalinjar. It was during their time that more than 200 temples were built in Khajuraho and each one of them has its own unique architectural style and display the sexual life on the walls.


There are about 25 Khajuraho temples at present and many of them are in their ruined or dilapidated state. There is a wall to protect the city with 8 main gates. You can see a number of erotic wall sculptors and carvings here. These sexual carvings are not seen inside the temple but on the external walls of the temple. They portray the human bodies and their sexual activities. It may mean that the sexual desires have to be left outside the temple and should not be taken inside.


Khajuraho temples are fascinating and has world heritage and these are built of Shiva, Vaishnava and Jaina Sets. Though only a small part of it is erotic, it represents sensuous eroticism. This is a good place for the culture lovers, students and environmentalists. There are western Khajuraho temples, eastern Khajuraho temples and southern Khajuraho temples.


The western group consists of the following:


Kandariya Mahadeo: It has 900 statues and is situated at a height of 31 meters. You could see excellent carvings in the pillars and ceilings and the temple has six interior separations, the portico, the main hall, the vestibule, the sanctum, the ambulatory and the transept.


Chaunsat Yogini: This is a granite temple dedicated to the Goddess Kali. Among 65 cells, 30 of them were destroyed and there is no image of Kali in the surviving ones.


Chitragupta Temple: This is the temple of Sun God and so this is focusing the rising sun. The 5 feet high sun god driving a chariot is an impressive image placed in the inner sanctum.


Viswanath Temple: This has in it three headed image of Lord Brahma. It has 6 feet Nandi bull in its exterior.


Lakshmana Temple: This has the depiction of different deities such as Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and his wife Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Shiva. The heads of three headed Lord Vishnu has the incarnations, Narasimha and Varaha.


Matangeshwara Temple: This is the temple of Lord Shiva with 8 feet lingam. There is an archaeological museum to its south and has many statues and other remains.


The Eastern Group of Khajuraho temples consists of the following:


Parsavanatha Temple: It includes three Jain temples and was built in 1860. You can see the bull emblem of the tirthankara Adinath inside the temple.


Ghantai Temple: This shows the 16 dreams of the mother of Mahavira and also has a statue of a Jain goddess sitting over a winged Garuda.


Adinatha temple: This is the temple of Adinatha, the Jain saint.


The other important temples are the Brahma temple with four faced linga, the Vamana temple with sensuous celestial maidens and the Javari temple with ostentatious sculptures.


The southern Khajuraho temples include


Duladeo Temple: This has the images of celestial maidens and has innumerable figures.


Chaturbhuja Temples: A big image of Lord Vishna in the temple sanctum attracts everyone.


There are many other sightseeing places near Khajuraho temples. They are Benisagar Lake, Ranguan Lake, Pandav Waterfall, Ranch Waterfalls, Rajgarh Palace, Panna, Dhubela Museum, Ajaygarh Fort, Kalingnar Fort, Panna Diamond Mines, Panna National Park, Bandhavgarh National Park, etc.


The best time to visit is from September to March. You may make your plans accordingly to avoid extremities of weather conditions.

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