Karishma Kapoor's Come Back Is A Failure


Karishma Kapoor – the first actress of Kapoor family is known for her acting skills and graceful face and she was at the top when she got married in 1999 and became settled in a family life. She was at the peak of her career since the hit of Raja Hindusthani, though she has been struggling still then. After Raja Hindusthani and its super success, she became the favourite of every director casting in commercial movies like Hero no.1 and parallel cinema like Zubeidaa. Her role in Dil to pagal hai as supporting actress was a jewel in the crown of her success, and till now it’s the best performance of Karishma Kapoor, according to critics.


During early 2000’s she did a few movies like Baaz a bird in danger, Shakthi the power, Fida and Zubeidaa for which her performances were well noted. But she became busy with her family life, kid and personal problems. Her drift from Sanjay Kapoor was so huge that they decided to get separated and in the year 2012, she announced her comeback through ‘Dangerous Ishq’. Though expectations were many and despite of huge promotions given, an updated script couldn’t help Karishma to regain her lost power in Bollywood.  A couple of years back, her sibling Kareena Kapoor has done Kambaqt Ishq, a critical failure and ‘Dangerous Ishq’ also met with the same fate.


Though Karishma lovers bought tickets to see her once again after 6 years, it was not enough. The movie based on multiple roles played by Karishma and her rebirth, couldn’t bring people to theatres. It looked as if it’s an odd and updated movie of present times where people are not interested in movies based on rebirth or incarnation. Earlier, Shah Rukh’s movie ‘Om Shanthi Om’ where Karishma Kapoor performed in title track was one such movie in the recent times that could gain popularity in the public though its story was inspired from past hits – Madhumathi, Khudrat and Karz. We could see her some shades similar to her performance in Baaz – A bird in danger.


In 2011, she dubbed for her sister Kareena in the movie ‘Body Guard’ where Karishma had to change her voice for Chaaya. We hope, she won’t take a break and go to hibernation mode seeing the flop record of Dangerous Ishq. After all, millions of fans still exist in this world who expects the return of Karishma Kapoor in a powerful role.  

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A lot of Karishma movies still my favourite. Dil to pagal hai - the best

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