Kalahandi- On The Way To Progress

A Ray of Hope

Kalahandi district of Odisha is generally referred as a poor area in India. The region might have had a glorious past and great civilization in ancient time but in recent past it was mostly in the news for its poverty. However, the recent development in agricultural yield rate growth in this particular area is symbol of hope since the rest of the country is facing a very serious problem in agricultural sector due to untimely rains and thunderstorms. 

The Program

Kalahandi area was selected as part of the development program in agriculture sector under the special scheme called ‘Sahabhagi Vikash Abhiyan’ a community based program that if translated to English will mean ‘Campaign for Participatory Development’ has now started showing its results. The specialty of the program is that farmers are growing multiple corps in their fields irrespective of the size of their fields. For instance, a 1-2 acres’ field is yielding grains, pulses, vegetables, fruits, oilseeds, spices etc according to season of the corps. That simply means the fields are never unproductive thus increasing the income of farmers having smaller lands.

Sahabhagi Vikash Abhiyan

Most farmers under,’ Sahabhagi Vikash Abhiyan’ are growing more than 20 varieties of crops at an average per year with emphasis on fruits trees as a permanent source of income with lesser efforts on maintenance. All these farmers have been regularly updated about the crops they should grow on a particular time so that land does not lose its productivity and for the best returns from the limited resources. The best part of the scheme is the land which was considered unproductive and left as barren is giving significant amount of production. 


There is another positive aspect of the scheme that farmers are involved in processing part of their produce like they have setup their own small Rice Mills, Oil Expeller Machines and grinding Machines for spices on cooperative basis. The farmers have their own cold storages on cooperative basis besides they try to use their self made compost fertilizer which gives their produce a better result as well reduces the cost of production. The local farmers have increased the number of domestic cattle to gain maximum advantage of improving the productivity of their land.      

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